A word about Oral Histories, from an Expert — Barbara Truesdell, PhD.

“Oral history interviewing is one more tool in the larger repertoire of methodologies used for research in history, anthropology, and folklore. Oral history collects information about the past from observers and participants in that past. It gathers data not available in written records about events, people, decisions, and processes. Oral history interviews are grounded in memory, and memory is a subjective instrument for recording the past, always shaped by the present moment and the individual psyche. Oral history can reveal how individual values and actions shaped the past, and how the past shapes present-day values and actions.”

Thanks for this post goes to Roderick, who, having studied Anthropology as his  major course of study, has taken a keen interest in making sure I am aptly trained! Thanks Hon! Im sure this road Im on will prove to be just as fascinating to me as it has been to you over the years. header-2.jpg


Our Motto

Our Motto in my grandfather’s native tongue, Gaelic, is the greeting “Tá athas orm buaileadh leat” — or “pleased to meet you”. I imagine when spoken well, “Tá athas orm buaileadh leat  can be a real attention getter. I can envision getting responses like “Whats that you said?”, or “What language is that?”, or “I dont understand Spanish, sorry!” — all of which can be excellent ice breakers. It is hard to meet new people, especially strangers, when you rise to the great height of 4 foot 11. I tend to blend in most places, well, except for my astonishingly ugly glasses which can get me at least a double take now and then.  So hopefully you’ll wish me ” Go n-éirí an t-ádh leat! “, because being at least partly Irish, I’m surely going to need it!


Welcome to Washington Story Trekker!

Alas, the New Year dawned and unlike so many other years where I swore off making resolutions, this year I was determined to do something different to occupy my time other than fritter it away on Social Media sites.  Writing is not new to me, I have done it for many years in many different capacities; student, teacher, marketer, advertiser, statistician and yes, even journalist.  I am drawing my inspiration from several sources:  a need to fill my cup with new friends, a desire to tell stories about the folks who live in my lovely state no matter where they originate from, and hankering to get myself outside and do something fulfilling.

I hope that this adventure that I am taking will be pleasing enough to have others visit, read and participate in the conversation. I anticipate hearing the stories that need to be told.  We are not a nation of story-tellers, meaning that we do not pass down our oral histories and many of us do not keep diaries or journals, and even less of us share the journal material we do have with others. I look forward to this journey and I hope you do too.