Making New Friends is what it’s all about.


They say to make good friends you have to be one, so this year I am trying extra hard to fill my quiver with new friends and if I’m lucky, more “BFF’s”.  Friends make life sweeter, struggles easier, adventures a lot more fun. Fulfilling your dreams is even more satisfying when you have someone to share your successes with. So, in 2014 I am shoring up foundations with my already good friends, trying to make sure they know I value each one of them, while finding out more about the people that fill this lovely state.

Part of friendship is listening while paying attention when someone needs you.  Part of any new friendship requires spending time getting to know someone who you might pass by when you are  too busy or too afraid to invest the time.  On Sundays I meet,  smile and chat with roughly 50 ladies that I’d really like to get to know better. Everyone has transplanted here from somewhere else it seems, and everyone has a story to tell.  Luckily  our church encourages “getting us ladies together”, so I am more likely to meet new friends IF I really try.

Yesterday, I went to an early morning ladies “tea” (though there was no tea present) where everyone was invited to bring a craft, hobby, collection or representation of work that they enjoy. I met excellent water colorists, a jeweler, a potter, a teddy-bear creationist, and a lady that made driftwood sculptures that are featured in art galleries here in Sequim. I saw lovely quilts, needle-work, knitting, book collections, travel souvenirs, jewelry-boxes and dolls. I also displayed my own hobby of raising Champion Havanese dogs and puppies. Each person participated enthusiastically, talking, laughing, telling stories and leading folks through their displays or explaining how things are made. One lady approcahed me and asked ” are you still interviewing people for your blog?”. “Why yes, indeed I am ! “. Who will it be you ask? I’ll tell you as soon as I know her better…


2 thoughts on “Making New Friends is what it’s all about.

  1. I know that you will be blessed as you make new friends and for sure the ladies in your neck of the woods will be blessed to have you as a friend! I wish you well in this ‘trek’ that will enrich lives there and through this site!

    “Tá athas orm buaileadh leat”

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