A Mothers Laundry (swan) song

Sometimes Monday, is actually a Tuesday.

Monday brought oral surgery for one of my kids, and as some know,  we are still unpacking from our recent move. It has been a long haul as we have been ’round the Northwest in what seems just days, but has actually been 15 years. We have been in 7 cities in that time, so we are pretty good at packing and unpacking and in finding the really important things that make a household functional.

One thing remains constant in my life no matter where we live, is the ever present, looming, LAUNDRY pile, usually tackled on Monday. Today it is occurring on Tuesday instead. No matter how many adults live in the home, laundry seems to procreate in the closets, on bathroom floors, and in dark crevices I’d much rather never explore. I’m sure you have had this same experience: all of the laundry has been washed, dried, folded AND put away — yet oddly enough, you’ve gotten out of the shower only to find there are NO towels!!  How does this happen? Perhaps the following will explain.

(Sing to the tune “where have all the flowers gone?”)

Where have all the Towels gone,

I’ve been a long time asking –

Where have all the towels gone,

Seems like a long time ago.

Where Have all the TOWELS gone

It’s just been a week or so everyone,

When will I ever learn?

When will I ever learn!

Where have all the towels gone,

I can’t find them anywhere

Where have all the towels gone,

Seems like a long time ago!

Where have all the towels gone,

Into the closets, dirty, EVERY ONE

When will they ever learn

When will they EVER learn!

Dislcaimer: No parties were named to protect the seemingly innocent, and all parties in the above subject matter have no idea that I have written about them.

Wishing everyone a happy Monday Tuesday! May your laundry efforts not be in vain, may your heroic efforts be appreciated, and may you always FIND THE TOWELS.

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